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With more than 20 years’ field experience in tube-making-machinery fabrication accumulated since 1981, the founder first established Hua Ming Corp. in April 1992, purchased CNC lathes and related computerized facilities, and started to produce tube-making machinery and tube-making rollers. Changing the corporate name to To Ming Ent. Co., Ltd. in March 1993 to engage in R&D of rollers, we then set up Te Keng Machinery Co., Ltd. in October the same year to develop tube-making machinery. In 1995, we worked with peers to develop innovative, special tubing, including single- and double-grooved round and square tubing, which are patented in many countries.


Stainless Steel Tube Making Machines, Carbon Steel Tube Making Machines, Peripheral Tube Making Equipment, Tube Making Equipment, Squaretube Polisher, Turning Machine, Stainless Steel Tube-Making Machine, Mild Steel Tube Making Machine, Straightener, Round Tube Polisher, Steel Pipe Correctors, Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine, Square Pipe Polishing Machine, Round Pipe Polishing Machine, External/Internal Diameter Pipe Drawing Machine, Iron & Steel Processing Machine, Tube Making Machine, Tube Processing Machine, Machine, Roller of Making Machine, Tube Bending Machine, Stainless Steel Tube Mills, Welded Steel Pipes & Tubes Machine, Auto Hydraulic Double-tube Shrinkers, Straightening Machines, Bending Machines, Seam Welders, Tube Forming Machines, Automatic Welding Equipment, Corrugated Sheet Making Machines, Sheet Metal Forming Machines


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