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Innovative!Technological Leadership!
A Modern Screw and Barrel Manufacturer
Established in 1993, Nan Yun Industrial Co.,Ltd. specializes in design and manufacture of a full series of screws and barrels , applied for various extruding machines and plastic injection molding machines. In addition , we also design and manufacture screws with special alloys and special flight geometry to meet specific customer applications . We not only offer the best possible screws and barrels, but also provide solutions to help customers solve extruding and injection molding problems.

The concepts behind Nan Yun are "Constant Innovation; Technological Leadership Insistence to Quality. "Under these concepts, Nan Yun design and manufacture many high performance , high mixing screws and barrels that are not available from competitors. With over 10 years of experience , Nan Yun has grown steadily to its modern facilities of today . Nan Yun is in the leading position of screw and barrel manufacturers in Taiwan . Looking towards the future , we will always strive hard
to pursue higher targets based on our current foundation.

Outstanding. Design Capabilities
Nan Yun's design engineers have outstanding theoretical background and practical experience , providing optimum designs of screws and barrels for our customers. Our engineers conduct thorough analysis according to the customer's machine model, production capacity required and resin properties before design . All relates parameters that may affect screw performance are designed based on theorem , such as screw type , L/D ratio , flight depth , flight density , helix angle and so on . This outstanding design capability will ensure Nan Yun's screws and barrels help customers upgrade product quality and production efficiency.


Specializing in Screw rods, Screw Thead Bushes, Material Feeding tubes for Plastic Injection, Extrusion Molding Machines, Special Hardened-alloy Screw Rods and Screw Thread bushes, Common Single/Double Screw Rods, Compound, Screw Rods, and Screw Thread Bushing Design, Material Feeding Chambers and Mold Heads


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