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Pro-Nets Technology Corporation was established in 1993 expertise in data communication. Since then, Pro-Nets has grown rapidly and positioned itself as an established leader in the data communication industry. In 2002, Pro-Nets became the largest analog modem manufacturer in the world and captured over 10% of market shares. Pro-Nets Technology provides the world leading broadband access solutions by implementing cutting edge broadband technologies into its diversified products. From 56K modems, ADSL modems, ADSL routers, switches, LAN and wireless LAN to Multimedia products, our hardware solutions make it easier for SOHO and residential users in data communication needs. Pro-Nets stock has started trading at Taiwan OTC Market in December 2003.Pro-Nets Technology has built up a solid reputation for providing consistent quality, reliable and production efficiency. As the result, we received ISO 9001:2000 certification. Our success is proven by the faith of our investors, including Singapore Creative Technology, LTD., as well as from the growing number of our clienteles. We nominated 3rd place in “The Most Attractive Company to Invest in 2001” contest hosted by China Credit Information Service, LTD.. With the strong technical support from our innovative Research and Development team and guided by our competent Quality Control staffs is the key that we deliver high performance and top quality products to our customers consistently. As our expertise grows, we shall maintain our high standards, and continue to commit ourselves to develop and produce superb data communication products promptly at competitive prices. With our technical ability, professionalism and dedication, we are confident that we will provide our customers the highest quality products far into the future. Ultimately, our success rests on the satisfaction of our customers.Please contact us for further information, we will be happy to respond your inquiries and always welcome OEM/ODM projects.


ADSL, Communication Products, LAN, Modem, Networking Products, Multimedia, Wireless Lan


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