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Our company was established in1988 to manufacture hardware parts and bearings. After years of R&D efforts and innovations, we are able to offer diverse hardware products.

We now operate two factories in Taiwan, paving the way for becoming a leading hardware parts and special bearing manufacturer in the line. Our products have been well recognized by 23 nations (in Europe, the U.S., and Japan) on the globe due to innovative R&D and strict quality control.

Meanwhile, we maintain long-term cooperation ties with our customers. This, coupled with efforts in expanding international outlets, enables us to upgrade our competitiveness in the marketplaces.


Drill Press Vises, Power Tool Accessories, Hand tool Accessories, Chain clamps, F-clamps, Toggle Clamps, Gluing clamps, Sheet metal clamps, Welding locking Clamps, Locking C-clamps, C-clamps, Plastic Steel Rollers, Swivel base Vises, Tap & Die Sets, Vises, Strapping Tools/Accessories, Pintle Hooks, New Hitches, Pulleys, Hand Pullers/Hoists, Bungee Cords, Auto Repair Accessories, Equipment for Automobile Repair Plants, Tie-downs, Bearings, Calipers, Nuts, Steel Balls, Aluminum Products, Surface Treatment, Molds, Dies, Die-castings, Forgings, Slide Rails, Hose Clamp, Caster, Door and Window Accessories, Locks, Air Tool Accessories, Handles, Hook, Screws, Fasteners NES, Nails, Washers, Rivets, Bolts, Anchors, Punched, Lathed, Pressed Products, Hooks


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