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Established in 1986, we are motorcycle exhaust specialist and the leading OEM of auto parts and components. To meet customers’ requirements, we always do our best to produce top-quality and fancy products meeting the latest market trend.

As the leading motorcycle exhaust supplier in Taiwan, we are one of the main suppliers providing scooter parts and components to AEON Motor Co., Ltd. (AEON), Amstrong Industry Corporation (AMS), CPI Group (CPI), and Ding Li Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. (DINLI). We also are the subcontractor of Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd. for supplying fitness equipment parts and components. We will keep on developing the related products to meet customers’ requirements. Our motto is Sincerity, Experience, and Reliability.

1986 Established Chi Cheng Industrial Corporation to manufacture auto-use sheet metal products. Started auto mold development, auto sheet metal item subcontracting and upgrading mold development technology
1990 Moved to Puhsin Township, Changhua County, Taiwan for company expansion
Started to set foot into motorcycle exhaust pipe market
Established welding department
1991 Became one of the satellite factories of Peugeot Taiwan
Started to develop and manufacture ATV parts and components
1994 Renamed as Ming Chi Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Joined in Motive Power Industry Co., Ltd., and became the leading exhaust pipe supplier
1998 Became one of the partners of Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd.
1999 Became one of the partners of CPI Group (CPI) and started to supply the company with ATV frames and exhaust pipes
Started to build up Foshan factory in Guangdong Province, mainland China
2000 Foshan factory was opened
2001 Became one of the partners of Ding Li Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. (DINLI)
2002 Became one of the partners of AEON Motor Co., Ltd. (AEON)
2003 Became one of the partners of Amstrong Industry Corporation (AMS)
2005 ISO 9001 certified
2006 Started the first section of ERP system


Exhaust Mufflers (Silencers), Fuel Tanks. Exhaust System Parts, Exhaust Pipes, Manifolds, Mufflers, Grilles, Aprons, Frame Crosses, Chassis Parts, Remodeling Car Parts & Accessories, Classic Car Parts & Accessories, Racing/Sports Car Parts & Accessories, Bus, Truch, Heavy-duty Parts & Accessories, Forklift Parts & Accessories, Agricultural Equipment Parts & Accessories, Military Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Other Speical-purpose Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Metal Forming, Stamping, Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Accessories, , We Manufacture Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes as Well as Various, Hardware Parts and Accessories for Autos and Motorcycles


Number of Total Employees: 45
Year Established: 1986
Production Mode: OEM
Total Annual Sales (USD): NT 120,000,000
Export Percentage: 45%
Export Market: Europe, Asia (Except China), North America, Mainland China
Brand Name: MCM
Capital (USD): NT 10,000,000
Business Type: Manufacturer
Competitive Advantages: Mold development
Motorcycle exhaust pipe development
Auto/Motorcycle hardware item development and manufacture
Approvals / Certifications: ISO9001

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