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Operation Concept
Honest, Accurate, Innovation, Variation
Manufacture high quality products in a manner of pursuing truth and perfection!
Develop top scientific technology in a manner of pursuing novelty and diversity!

Quality Policy
Not accept defective products
Not produce defective products
Not outflow defective products

Environment Policy
Advancing the environmental system continuously and effect the operation
Reduce the waste in the industry
Decrease the total quantity of pollutants
Economize the energy resources and implement the prevention of pollution
Observe discipline and promote the recognition of environmental protection

Operation Management
KAIFA industry co., Ltd. Is established in May 1969, mainly in manufacturing and designing of shock absorbers for automobile, motorcycle and bicycle as well as the oil and air press of relevant spare parts for vehicles. In the past 30 years, under the leading of the former inaugurator, Mr. Fu-Ching Lu and the present president, Mr. Fu-Chung Lu there are many efforts of design have been made, the technique of manufacture has been promoted and sub-structionalized; moreover, the peculiar enterprise culture and management function has been built up gradually.
In order to face the internationalization, liberalization and the e era of stressed speed and competition, the employees of KAIFA will not only in accordance with services to customers and the spirit of speed innovation continuously, but also unroll the range of sales and marketing in domestic and overseas actively, so that a new vision of multi-dimensionalization and internationalization can be created. A brand new KAIFA Industry will select and adopt an omni-bearing competition strategy and become an outstanding multi-national corporation in the future.


Shock Absorber

Address: No. 20, Kaonan Highway, Jenwu Dist, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 814
Telephone: 886-7-342-7206 #458
Fax: 886-7-342-7327
URL: www.kaifa.com.tw

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