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PLEO INC. is a professional supplier of lighting fixtures to market worldwide for more than 30 years. We provide the best service and high quality products as our promise for long-term business cooperation and we welcome customer's O.E.M/O.D.M projects.
We use high standard controlled system to produce products with process of Stamping, Spinning, Deep draw, Die casting, Sand casting, Lost-wax, Forge, Extrusion, Turning, Special laser cutting, Welding and so forth. Our material range covers the above with Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminums, Zinc, Steel, Stainless Steel. Moreover, we are also carrying plastic injection, PC/Acrylic in vacuum formed, panel glass/blow glass for usage of lightings. We provide comprehensive service of lighting products.


Invisible Alabaster Illumination Spot Series, Ceiling Series, Wall Mount Series, Walkway Series, Cosy Series, Wall Lamps, Desk Lamps, Ceiling Lamp, Desk Lamp, Wall Lamp, Track Lights, Accessories, Parts, Lighting Fixture, Spotlights/Searchlights, LED Lamps, Pendant Lights, Garden Lamps, Downlights, Outdoor Lights, Streetlights, Work Lights, Vanity Mirror Use Lights, Bathroom Lights, Illumination Devices & Accessories, Zinc and Aluminum Die Casting, Die-castings, Forged and Stamped Parts, Plastic Injection Molded Components, Acrylic Fittings, Glass, Ceramic Fittings, Hardware Fittings, Lamp Holders, Lamp Sockets, Lamp Trays, Light Tube Supports, Commercial-use Lights, Lighting Accessories

Company: PLEO INC.

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