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Wang Pyng Enterprise Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, has accumulated 30 years of professional production experience. Their high-quality featured products – “drawer-type mold rack” – has garnered the trust of Formosa Plastics Group-affiliated enterprises. Factories in Yilan to Kaohsiung all use Wang Pyng products; currently, the firm’s retail reach also expands across Taiwan’s factories and retail chain stores.

Their featured product, the drawer-type mold rack, can sustain weight between 800kg to 3,000kg of items like molds and motors. The mold racks come in two types: half-opened and fully opened designs to meet different needs; each drawer is opened and closed with rollers, which improves mold management and addresses safety concerns.

In face of domestic small-and-medium enterprises’ factory scope, which are constrained by warehouse and on-site warehouse space to place the molds. Such circumstances give the firm a competitive edge as they can save up and efficiently use warehouse space. The overall factory environment emphasizes cleanness and aesthetic, allowing enterprises to create a more efficient 5S management.

Wang Pyng not only offers a complete, stable, standardized storage equipment for molds, warehouse storage and peripherals, the firm also provides customers the choice to place customized orders. In line with factory warehouse sizes and space usage, Wang Pyng can customize specialized warehouse equipment and racks to place products in accordance to client demands and specifications. This has allowed the firm’s featured “drawer-type mold rack” to maintain its reputation and satisfy clients with their competitive pricing, bringing mutual benefits for both sides.


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Address: No.201, Damiao 6th St., Gueiren Dist., Tainan City 71145, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-6-271-6988
Fax: 886-6-271-9962
URL: www.wangpyng.com

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