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L&L MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO. LTD, A professional high-precision CNC lathe manufacturing company, was established in 1991. Based on the sustained family business and the profund knowledge in technology,
L&L has created its superior TLA, LC, LD, LG, and LF series of CNC lathes. Our heavy-duty lathes are developed to furnish optimum performance required by a wide range of industries, including the general machining industry, mining industry, shafts, pattern and roller manufacturing, power utilities, as well as the petroleum industry.All the machines have been designed to meet the strictest requirements of our customers and have abtained distingusished reputations around the world. Furthermore, based on client's different needs,
we also have conventional and special purpose lathes to choose from.All our lathes have gone through extreme tests of CNC 7000 and ISO 1708, such as static testing, dynamic testing, backlash compensation, pitch error compensation, dynamic balance and NC function testing to ensure quality and stability.
Our continuous effort has also been recognized by ISO 9002In addition to the best quality lathes, we possess innovative R&D teams, experienced staff as well as a complete after-sales serivce system. We hold the belief to provide the most precise, innovatory and quality-assured lathes for our supreme customers and regard the belief as our ultimate goal as well.


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