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Cheng Chieh Metallic Corporate Limited established in 1991 AND we set up a factory, 60,000 square meters in scale in People Republic of China in 1998. Our output can get up to 300-400 Containers every month. Our products include of K/D metal & K/D MDF wood furniture: computer table ,TV rack ,dining set, bed set, bathroom shelf, corner shelf, magazine shelf, flower stand, coat hanger ,book desk , , microwave oven shelf, beach towel shelf , display shelf, store shelf…etc.


K/D Metal Furniture, Racks, Flower Stands, Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Dining Carts, Screens, Coat Hanger, Desk, Computer Table, Microwave Oven Shelf, Display Shelf, Store Shelf, Beach Towel Shelf, Bathroom Shelf, Magazine Shelf, Corner Shelf, Living-Room Set, Sofa, Coffee Table, TV Set, Screen, Organizer Rack, Organizer Set, Vase Rack, Dining Set, High Stool, Microwave Set, Gedroom Set, Studying Desk, Bed, Love Seat, Closet Organizer, Cloth and Hat Stand, Blanket Rack, Mirror, Dressing Table, Bath Rack, Bath Set, Multiple Purposes Organizer, Bed Set, Bar Counters and Stools, Indoor Furniture, Wooden Cabinets, Wood Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Study Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, MDF Furniture, Glass Tables, Glass Display Stands, Glass Display Cabinets


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