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Golden Ware Int’l Inc. are Taiwanese company, we have providing building hardware, industry, Auto & Air Plane parts from Taiwan & China since 1990,
All OEM parts made by investment casting, Alum. Extrusion, CNC machining, stamping, die casting, alum. extrusion...etc. by material of S.S., Alum. Zinc, Nylon with inspection equipment of Chemical Analysis, CMM, Pressure, Hardness, Tensile and Impact Testing, for the market of France, Germany, U.K., Slovakia, Poland, Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Tanzania, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand.
Much welcome you send us your inquiry of 2D or 3D or sample to us for quote a reasonable price for your reference, for sure we will be the best supplier for you.


Aluminum Door Handles, Flush Bolt, Finger Catch, Sliding Latch & Pull Handle, Hinge, 4 Bar Hinge, Cam Handle, Sliding & Patio Handle, Window Roller, Screw, Screw Driver, Blind Rivet, Riveter, Cylinder Lock, Lock, Alum. Plywood, Patch Fitting, S.S. Pull Handle, O.E.M. Investment Cast Part, O.E.M. Die Cast Part, Alum. Wire Mesh, Flanges, Architecture, Building Hardware, Plumbing Fitting And Flange & Clamp, Gravity Die Casting & Die Casting, Investment Casting, Tube Handle, Tube Connector, Window Handle, Sliding & Patio Handle & Pivot Hinge, Sliding Handle, Friction Stays, Tools & Cabinet Accessories, PVC Gasket, Screwdriver, Aluminum Plywood, Shower Hinge & Glass Connector & Handle Connector, industry hardware, Auto & Air Plane parts, casting, Alum. Extrusion, CNC machining Parts, stamping, die casting, alum


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