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Having been in the industry since 1972, Kim Union Industrial Co., Ltd. is now the only firm in Taiwan to manufacture both thread rolling dies and thread rolling machines.

*Thread rolling machines:
Using our expertise, outstanding skills, and rich manufacturing experience, we have developed a complete series of thread rolling machines for customers to choose from. We now provide:
1.Hydraulic models (UM-75, UM-50, UM-40, UM-30, UM-3S).
2.Cam models (UM-35, UM-20, UM-3).
3.Three-die models (UM-3DL, 3DX, UM-3D)

*Thread rolling dies:
Our thread rolling dies are made with high-quality special steel imported from Europe, and Japan, and are vacuum heat-treated to feature high strength and friction resistance.

Processed and formed with thread grinding machines from Swiss Reishauer , our thread rolling dies are available in: standard models (featuring UNC, UNF, or metric thread), standard knurling models, and fastening-thread models.

*related products:
Thread rolling dies, ring gauges, plug gauges, and screw taps. We also accept custom orders.

To provide the best services, we answer to customers' every request.
We wish to help our customers solve all their production problems.


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Number of Total Employees: 30
Year Established: 1972
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: thread rolling machine, thread rollingd die, thread forming machine, screw making machines
Capital (USD): 1000000
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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