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Established in 1992, JPC was started from a living room with two desks!

In the past, JPC was only a small trading company with only 5 millions capital. Our business scope included just importing and exporting of electronic products and components. While we went through the rise and fall and the transformation of the local industries in Taiwan in the 1990s, JPC develop R&D, product designing ability and enhance manufacturing competitiveness to fulfill customer’s needs for product developing. In 2002, JPC has the honor to be ranked Top 22 and Top 17 in terms of Return To Shareholders and Return On Equity separately among Top 1000 manufacturing industries in Taiwan. Our total capital amount grows 200 times to one billion and now we are a public listed company, which has factories in both Taiwan and China.

Now, JPC is a professional consumer electronic products and components supplier specializing in the designing, developing, consolidating and marketing of connectors and components. We not only own the core technology of the products and prominent research and development team, but furthermore, we connect and integrate the upper and bottom factories and provide customized 3C products and the OEM/ODM business model. Apart from that, we also provide designing and manufacturing outsourcing services to well-known international IA/PC companies and special outsourcing projects to big International distributors and become their first priority choice when they need to develop new product!


USB RF Wireless Pointer, USB HID Device, Optical Mouse, USB /1394/ SATA Cable & Bridge Board, USB 2.0/ 1394 A or B and SATA, External Enclosure, Bridge Board Connection, Computer Accessories, USB Hub, Computer Cable, Computer Components, Connector, Remote Controller, Keyboards / Keypad, Cable / Cable Assemblies, External Storage / HDD CD-ROM Frames Cases, Other Company Accessorues


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