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Steadily Pursuing Company Growth

Established in 1970, Perng Sheng Machine Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialist in the design and manufacture
of roll mills, hydraulic forming presses, laboratory kneaders, extrusion machines., etc. Thanks to our efforts
of insisting on quality, all these laboratory-applied machines have successfully gathered a high reputation
for quality and performance in both domestic and overseas markets. Under the company’s policy of
continuous development of new models combined with Perng Sheng’s outstanding R&D capabilities,
recently Perng Sheng has successfully developed several new models for mass production applications to
meet market demands. Perng Sheng’s traditional policy is “Practicality; Stability”. We always strive
hard to pursuer the company’s growth step by step. In the meantime, we sincerely and absolutely conduct
our commitment to customer service.

Perng Sheng Machines

Performance and Quality Fully Recognized by Customers

The design concept behind Perng Sheng machines is to enhance the structural simplification, easy learning and
operation, high efficiency and minimum trouble. To meet this design concept, the material selection, machining
and heat treatment for all critical parts are vigorously controlled before they are sent to the assembly shop. At
Perng Sheng, we have highly skilled assembly technicians who pay special attention to every detail during
machine assembling. Once each machine is well assembled, it is subjected to performance test and retest before
shipment. All these factors ensure that each machine from Perng Sheng offers the best possible operational performance.

Comprehensive Technical Service and Support

With the most professional technological background, the machines offered by Perng Sheng feature maximum
dependability in operational performance. Furthermore, and most importantly, is that our technological service
and support have been fully recognized by all customers. In before-sale service, our accumulated expertise enables
us to offer technical consultancy service for our customers. In after-sale service, our highly experienced technicians
offer machine operation instruction, maintenance and other services. While the machine is in operation, if any problem
occurs, we will help to solve it with the utmost efficiency.


L-5 Kneader Experimental Equipment for Factories That Handle Color Mixing, 5400 Experimental Rolling Machine, C370 Hydraulic Forming Machine, L-300 Open Kneader, L-100 Open Kneader, Color-Master-Batch Extrusion Pelletizing Machine


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