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Jar Hon Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of "keeping quality" and

"doing still better" to manufacture the excellent quality machines in Taichung, Taiwan.

1986-- Jar Hon Machine Plant had been established to design and manufacture all kinds of professional machines to satisfy the user's request of different manufacturing industries in the domestic market, JAR HON machines are in favorable comment & reliability.
1992-- We moved to Taiping Industry Park in Taichung due to real need and changed the titular to be JAR HON MACHINERY CO., LTD., and then specialized in manufacturing all kinds of professional machines for
secondary machining proces.
1995-- We devoted ourselves to develop precision auto tapping machine with high speed and drilling machines
with auto extruding chips, various patents had been awarded.
1999-- We moved to Cheng Kuang St., Taiping City, Taichung County for extending our plant and keeping the stocks in order to deliver promptly and to serve our customers widely.
2000-- To design, project and produce the automatic and semi-automatic machine with our excellent experience and in subject to our products attached the peripheral device such as fixture, jig, multi-spindle, electrical for customers.


Automatic Drilling Machine and Tapping Machine, Multi-Spindle Drilling & Tapping Machine, Auto Typping Machine, Typping Machine, Drilling Machine, Cutting Machine


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