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Established in 1953 by general manager Huang Shih-Yen’s father, Hotai Fugi Metal Products Co., Ltd. Used to be a traditional manufacturer of many kinds of shoe eyelets and purse rivets. In 1979, we started to reengineer the company by updating our punch presses for making computer connector metal terminals and high-frequency connector metal parts. Today, we specialize in stainless steel/beryllium copper precision drawn products, such as thermometer bulbs and cellphone plugs. We also make various types of superior punch-pressed parts for exporting to markets worldwide.Huang Shih-Yen is engaged in various types of products’ development. He developed the company’s advanced toothpick model, which is patented in many countries like USA, Japan, Germany, China and Taiwan. Using POM as material and with irregular shape at both ends, the patented toothpick helps customers efficiently clean their gums. Agents around the world are wanted, we do hope good things can be used by all human beings in the world.


Easy Pick, Toothpicks, Computer Connector Terminals, High-Frequency Connector Metal Parts, Thermometer Bulbs, Cellphone Plugs


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