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George Wang is a reputed export company in Taiwan which specializes in precision hand tools. We mainly manufacture pliers like fishing pliers, jewelry pliers, electronic pliers, chain nose pliers, cutting plier, memory wire cutting pliers, split ring pliers, wire stripper pliers, long nose pliers, hooked nose pliers, flat nose pliers, bent nose pliers, round nose pliers and mini bolt cutter which can be used in a wide range such as fishing, jewelry making, craftwork, electronic repair, bead and small precision equipment, etc. In addition to top quality and competitive price, we also provide best service for our customer by offering related engineering of pliers. George Wang is a reliable company which can be your best pliers supplier.


Non-powered hand tools - vises & clamps, Vises, Drill press vises, Swivel base vises, Calipers, C-clamps, Locking C-clamps, Welding locking clamps, Sheet metal clamps, Gluing clamps, Toggle clamps, F-clamps, Chain clamps, Electronic repair kits, Wire/cable strippers, Crimping tools, Cable crimping tools, Coaxial cable crimpers/cutters, Cable/wire/wire rope cutters, Cable-tie tensioning tools, Non-powered hand tools - pliers and similar tools, Other Pliers, Cutting pliers, Cable-cutting pliers, Long-nose pliers, Bend-nose pliers, Flat-nose pliers, Round-nose pliers, Diagonal cutting pliers, Universal (grip) pliers/locking pliers, Slip-joint pliers, Water pump pliers/pipe pliers, Fence pliers, Brake pliers, Groove-joint pliers, Locking pliers, Nail pincers/end pliers, Tweezers, Pinch-off pliers


Year Established: 1994
Production Mode: OEM, ODM
Export Market: Europe, Asia (Except China), Central & South America
Capital (USD): 200,000
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: We have hundreds of sticks of pliers with good price and high quality for your selection, if you are interested in our cutting pliers,
Contact Person: Aska Wang

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