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Chin Hsi-Hsu Co., Ltd (CAFM) established in 1989. We are the manufacturer and Distributor Auto Air Conditioning Parts in Taiwan. We are specialized in AUTO A/C system parts. – Cabin Air Filter, Evaporator & Drier. There are two factories which producing Cabin Air Filter & Evaporator.

Company Goal:
We are achieved our term work which was manufacturing the high quality products to satisfy the clients demand and needed.
And continuing to provide highly effective service and up date new products that always is our main goal.

Our Service:
We service the following market Segments

Exporting - We have largest customer from Euro & Asia we supply their selling line for Cabin Air Filter, Evaporator, Drier, Condenser. Those have highly QC and great tem work ISO9001:2000 standard.

Distributing - We are leading and supplying the largest AUTO replacement part for our domestic market in Taiwan & Asia. We currently supply to around 800 local distributors & about 30 trading companies. We have been provided vehicle AC components to them. Such as Cabin Air Filter, Evaporator, Drier, Condenser, Radiator, Cooling Fan, Expansion Valve, Orifice tube, Compressor parts, Manifold Set & Tool.

Manufacturing - Our own factories which located on Taipei County & Chang Hua produce the Cabin Air Filter & Evaporator. We accord the client acquire develop and design the mold to satisfy their demand.

Certification - our Company being accredited to ISO 9001:2000, quality management control system.


Evaporators, Cabin Air Filters, Air-conditioning Hoses, Air Filters, Air-Conditioning System Parts, Air-conditioners, Cooling Fans, Receiver Dryers, Condenser, Radiator, Expansion Valve, Orifice Tube, Condensers, Block Valves, AC Hose, Drier, Cabin Air Filter, Evaporator, Auto Air-conditioning Parts, Air Conditioning Parts, Regulator


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