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EXACT MACHINERY is a professional worldwide supplier for CNC tilting, Rotary Table and indexing with high quality & good technical service. We provide stable products with competitive price and high efficiency to help you gain lots profit.
Our products with most of our customers being international machinery manufacturers and worldwide users. Their products are used extensively in the high technological industrial markets including the aircraft and automotive industries along with sanitary equipment, modern bathroom facilities and domestic appliances. Nowadays we keep improve our company with products move forward in a high precision division range. Even after long-term use these products still maintain the highest-level of quality and accuracy. We would like to continuously offer our division product with best technical assistance and service in the future.


Nitriding Steel Conveyer Tubes, Bi-alloy Conveyer Tubes, Nitriding Steel Screws, PTA Bi-alloy Screws, Tungsten Carbide Injection Screws, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hotmelt Cylinders and Screw Fittings, Conveyer Tubes for Die-casting Machines, CNC Precision Components From Exact Machinery, TRT CNC Two-Axis Rotary Table, NCT CNC Rotary Table, Clutches for Power Tools, Programmable Logic Controllers, Hydraulic System, Index Table/Index Plate, CNC Hydraulic Coupling Gear Index Table, CNC Tilting Rotary Table, CNC Multi Spindle Rotary Tables, Tailstock, Optical Auto Collimator, Hardness Tester Instrument, Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument, Laser Angular Position Measurement System, Machinery Parts and Components, CNC Controllers for Machine Tools and Industrial Machinery, Hydraulic Index Tables, Industrial-Use Electric Clutches, Hrith Coupling, AC Digital Individual Controller, Light Testing Instruments, Measuring and Testing Equipment, Precision Boring & Milling Index Table


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