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Established in 1989, located in Yuanlin town, Chang-Hua county, central Taiwan, is a manufacturer of machinery for bicycle and motorcycle's components making, as well as special purpose making machines for automobile's parts. Wian Jia has its own in-house R&D department in charge of related new machines design, and can also cooperate with buyers developing their own special purpose machines.

At present, Wian Jia's major machine lines include Spoke Tapering Machines, Nipple Heading Machines, Nipple Making Machines, Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines, Spoke Making Machines, Automated Punching Machines, Forming Machines, and Aluminum Edging Machines.

"Our machines are reliable and easy to operate, those thanks to our delicate design and strong construction and real true materials using for different parts of machines," says Huang Ching-Shun, founder and president of the company," besides our self-designed machines, we also welcome original designs provided by customers home and abroad."

Wian Jia says its products are patented in Taiwan and Mainland China, the main markets are Mainland China, Southeast Asia and other countries such as Brazil, Portugal and India etc. Basing on the principle to offer the prolonged and quality machines to its customers, the company has never stopped developing newly designed machines to meet the special demand of customers come from the world.


Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine, Spoke Making Machine, Nipple Making Machine, Pin Pressing Machine, Nipple Heading Machine, Bicycle Machine, Steel Forming Machine, Aluminum Forming Machine, Bicycle Rim Machine, Steel Rim Punching Machine, Aluminum Rim Punching Machine, Valve Manufacturing Equipment, Roller Chain Equipment, Alloy Rim Spoke Hole Drilling Machine, Double Wall Drilling Machine, Auto Punching Machine, Rim Hole Punching Machine, Spoke Tapering Machines, Bicycle/Motor/Auto Parts, Straightening Machines, Cutting Machines, Heading Machine, Drilling/Boring Machine, Special-Purpose Machines for the Processing and Repair of Automotive Parts, Laser Drilling Machines, Edge Banding Machines, Seam Formers, Multi-Blade Lap-slicing Machines, Double-end Miter Saws, Circular Sawing Machines, CNC Drilling & Tapping Machines


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