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Auroral was founded in 1996, with capital amounted to USD2.7 million, Our company has devoted to P/M products and with no doubt that we adhere to the motto, “Sincere management, Good services, and Sterling quality.” With the CAD system and inspection equipments, we are confident to offer you the outstanding products required. With ISO 9001, we believe we can meet your quality requirement while we also have ISO/TS16949 certificate to guarantee our quality.
We are a professional manufacturer of Powder Metallurgy (Sinter Parts) in Taiwan. Our major products include Gears, Pulleys, Automobile parts, Hand tool parts, Machinery and Transmission Parts, Stainless Steel parts, Filter, Bushings and so on. Our famous customers in India are Lucas-TVS, UCAL, in Japan are Mitsumi, Mikuni, and in Germany and USA is INA(Schaeffler Group) and Tesla Motor.
We welcome any quotations you would like to know and please send us "drawings” by e-mail or Fax. We are here to offer various products to widen your choice.


Powder Metallurgy, Oil Pump Rotors, Synchronizers, VVT System, Sprocket Gear & Rotor, Machinery and Transmission Parts, Helical Gear, Piston, Steam Treatment, Hand Tooling Parts, Warm Compacted Parts, Power Tool Parts, Bevel Gear, Stepping Motor Gears, Stainless Steel, Coated and Brass Parts, Bushing & Filter, Sinter metal parts, Gears, Sprocket (chain) gear, Piston of shock absorber, Sprocket(Chain)Gear & Rotor, Synchronizers and VVT System, Pulley


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