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Past History of JAGURA
JAGULAR INDUSTRY LTD was established in 1986.
We offer several different grinding machine tools by exquisite technique and excellent quality. In the beginning, we manufactured manual punch machines.

Then, we designed other kind grinding machines later on, such as:
* Precision Micro Internal & External Grinding Machine-Chuck Type(JAG-JIE)
* Precision Internal Grinding Machine (6”-3 JAW)
* Precision Long-Hole Grinding Machine (JAG-LHG)
* Micro Cylindrical Grinding Machine(JAG-CG175,CG500,CG750)
* CNC Internal & External Grinding Machine (JAG-IG2S)
* Centerless Grinding Machine (JAG-8C, 12C, 18C, 1810) etc.

this mark is sold around the Asia, Europe and America . We are relied on strength of development to be the most professional manufacture of screw and nut mold and punch grinding machines with diversification until now.

Future Prospect
JAGULAR strides forward profession world standard with technique, quality and service. During these years, besides the technical cooperation with American company, Jagular always devote to developing new products, especially on screw mold inner hole, nut mold inner hole and cold or hot forge big tooling inner hole continuously. JAGULAR supplies simple and convenience tools and also develops Philip Punch Pin(Indent/ Relieve) Grinding Machine to improve punch tools life.
Regarding the irregular grinding for punches, we have devoted ourselves to developing better solutions and get successful outcome as well. In future, JAGULAR wants to be the most professional manufacturer of screw mold in the world. In the meanwhile, in order to increase the market of our products, we have already started to invest our factory in China.
We have several branches in Shanghai, Guangdong in China currently and also expect to open up new market in Xiamen and Dalian. We expect to have our service branches all around the world in future, too.

Business Ideal:
• Keep advanced technique and produce efficiency: Strengthen competition, lead technique and brilliant vision.
• Developing new products: Develop high technique machines according to the principle of “Blue Ocean Strategy”, get into the new field of grinding and start new career.
• Enhance the vertical integration of products: Let company to be a supper market of grinding. Produce many different high quality products and high precision grinding machines to provide customers a lot of choice.
• Be aggressive to open up the logical channel: Look for reliable and positive agents all over the world and cooperate with our agents to participatethe professional machinery exhibitions as much as possible.
Furthermore, set up more service points and make every effort to promote JAGULAR grinding machine around the world.
• Customer satisfaction: To meet customers' requirement by means of exquisite technique, high quality, best services, smooth communication channel and providing complete solutions.


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