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Established in 1986. GKB is a professional CCTV manufacturer. We provide serials of merchandises for surveillance system, including CCD cameras, Dome cameras, Day to Night cameras, Waterproof cameras, IR cameras, Smoke Detector camera, Speed Dome Camera ,Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Quad processors, monitors, LCD, and new modern Network cameras and Web servers.


CCD Sensor, CCD, Camera, Super-Had CCD Camera, View CCD Camera, S3, D4, D5 CCD Camera, IP Camera, WEB Server, Stand Alone DVR, PC Base DVR, Quad Processor, Video Switcher, Video Distributor, Video Amplifier, Infrared Illuminator, CCTV Monitor, TFT LCD, Housing, Lenses, Scanner, Control, Bracket, Ho

Company: GKB CCTV CO., LTD.

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