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Founded in 1994, Xin He Fong specializes in making price-competitive, quality home furniture, and keeps developing innovative products to meet demand. Committed to customer-oriented & quick service, quality, and sustainability, we sell excellent products internationally.

We mainly produce home/bathroom hardware, metal mesh/stainless-steel/steel sheet/aluminum-alloy products, patented racks etc., having established a solid foothold in local markets with a complete plan to tap global markets and make more creative and diversified furniture.


K/D Aluminum Boxes and Medicine Chests, Stainless Steel Boxes and Medicine Chests, Coated Storage Boxes and Medicine Chests, Racks, Storage Boxes


Number of Total Employees: 12
Year Established: 1996
Export Percentage: 100%
Export Market: Europe, Asia (Except China), North America
Capital (USD): 167,000
Business Type: Manufacturer
Company: XIN HE FONG CO., LTD.

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