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Tong Lung Metal Industry Co., Ltd has had a proud history since its inception in 1954. During the past five decades, we have established close and long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our product brands including EZSET, POSSE and LUCKY have received strong recognition in the international and domestic markets. Through decades of expansion and advances in technology, we' ve developed a comprehensive research & development capability and substantial production scale which is now the largest in Asia. Tong Lung is proud to rank among the leading door lockset manufacturers in the world.

Tong Lung strives to provide our customers with high quality products and professional services. Through continuous innovation and industry experience, Tong Lung creates and produces world class locks. With a view to globalization and armed with a professional approach, we aim to supply not only high performance products, but also incorporate a very competitive package that assists our customers through our quick service response to their needs in a rapidly changing environment. We are committed to building Tong Lung into a leading door lockset provider which is close to its customers, innovative, proactive and results-driven, and highly competitive in our value offerings.

Close to its customers:Through e-commerce platform applications, we aim to enhance communications efficiency between Tong Lung and its customers. We strive to continuously improve our customers' satisfaction in our products and services by better anticipating our customers' needs.

Innovative:Through translating our marketing intelligence into more effective new product innovation. We want to provide Tong Lung customers with state of the art products which enhance their competitive advantage among rivals.

Proactive and result-driven:Employing our latest automation technology, we have managed to create a seamless interface with existing processes. This will result in communications that is reliable, accurate and most importantly, lowers business costs by minimizing interaction time thereby raising business efficiency in an international operation system.

Highly competitive in our value offerings:Using the latest technology, we' ve managed to convert the traditional communication measures into modern format that utilize the least interaction cost, minimize time and thus advance business efficiency by establishing automatic processes and an international operation system.


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