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"Striving for excellence, satisfied customers, motivated employees and a profit-making company"
"Stand tall in Taiwan, compete with the world" That is Asian
Plastic's consistent vision and aspiration. The highest quality, affordable price, leading technology and the best service are the corner stones of our company. Our sales and marketing team work around the clock to maintain our global sales network and targets.

Vision Statement
We keep to the forefront of the plastic injection moulding industry, and create the greatest value for our global customers, through perfect quality, advanced technologies and relentless pursuit of innovation.
Corporate Values
Quality is of paramount importance,
Technology is our core competence.

Customers come first,
Always create value.

Make full use of talents,
Encourage the pursuit of excellence.

Be honest, be aggressive,
Dare to embrace responsibility.

Seek mutual benefits,
Go for win-win.

Unity and team-work,
Ensure sustainable growth.

Excelled Production Efficiency
Chen Hsong is organized by a group of professional, diligent, and technical skillfully staffs. Based on the need of the product diversification and the customer’s design in recent years, the production department has displayed the maximum elasticity and the strain capacity to satisfy the customer various demand and lead-time. With the rigorous management system and monthly rewards and punishment by the record of staff performance, technical level, quality, manpower, and personal/team throughput, the production department is proud of the progress of the production efficiency every year.

Research and Development
The strong fine solid research and development team unceasingly develops from the early stage of Double Toggle, Hydro-Mechanical, Direct Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine, to the current Two Platen, All-Electric, Hybrid, DUAL COLOR, Ultra High Speed - 600mm/sec Injection Molding Machine and the latest 5ton Micro Injection Molding Machine. A series of new products development demonstrates Chen Hsong is always striving to search for the innovation and at the top of the industry field.

Aerospace Industry/Airbag sensors/Mobile Devices/Foot Materials/Electronics-related Parts/Electronics Appliances/Stationery/Hardware Parts/Toys/Medical Appliance/Home Appliances/Laser Display Technology/Reservoir Vessel

Products - Energy Saving
Double Toggle Injection Molding Machine
Completely new hydraulic and circuit design tailor made for injection molding machines to lower energy consumption via an inverter hybrid system.

Technology, Energy Savings, Precision


Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Injection Molding Machines


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