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KCodes is a system company providing products and solutions for reliable and intelligent controls and connectivity for use in the emerging paradigm shifts of digital color document processing, networking process, interactive digital television, and multimedia communication services. KCodes' smart devices control and connect scanners, printers, color faxes, mass storages, personal computers, wired and wireless broadband Internet.

KCodes is deeply committed to in-house development of application and kernel technologies, which drive our design and development of hardware and software. The ratio of RD is 65% to develop state-of-the-art technologies and solutions.

KCodes aims to promote the digital well-being of office and home users in consumer electronics, networking media and communications markets.

KCodes 302/ 302W 2.0 USB MFP (Multi Function Printers ) Server provides upgrade print server to 2-port MFP server for any combination of printer, scanner, storage and MFP and manages the network digital document processing for print, file and scan sharing via Ethernet LAN or 802.11b/ g wireless. It has higher level of compatibility than existing print server, for instance supporting bidirectional host based GDI printers, reporting toner level.

The supported protocols involve TCP/IP: LPR, Raw TCP, SMB/CIFS, IPP and Rendezous for printers and FTP server, SMB server and NTFS for files, and SANE server for scanners. Additionally, NetUSB support to access printers, scanners, multi-function printers, storage devices, DSC and so forth. Therefore, major brands of MFP/All-In-One printer are compatible.

KCodes 502 Multifunction router supports print server and file server as well as USB storage media (hard drives, memory sticks). Users can access Webcam images by a web browser through the device. Regarding the file server, FTP server for FAT12/ 16/ 32 file systems is supported. The router is Built-in stateful firewall, NAT, URL and MAC address filter to protect the Intranet.


Embedded Computer, Wireless AP, Embedded Hardware (Soluctions) & Relevant Products, Router


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