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New Image is continually engaged in the product research and development. In 2004, the world first full page portable document camera is announced. This versatile document camera is called DocExpress, which will change the way of document imaging by its high- speed, portability and quality. It is widely used in various industries such as the counter of banks and securities companies, briefing and education markets etc. DocExpress with computerized auto-focus is announces in the following years DocExpress represents a new innovation for document imaging. DocExpress can digitize documents in the twinkling of an eye, which meets various demands of mobile, automated office or personal use. The demand for image filing is huge, however, the speed of digitizing image with a traditional scanner is not fast enough. So, New Image has launched the development program of DocExpress, a fast and mobile document camera for many years. Utilizing the state of art technology, New Image has overcome many challenges and difficulties. In 2004 New image completes the development successfully and starts marketing it worldwide.

In 2006, New image has established sales and development office in Fuzhou and Xiamen city in China. We have obtained product patent in mainland China and our products are sold in all cities of China.

In 2009, to meet different customer demands, New Image will announce IDExpress ID Camera, pan, zoom and tilt(PZT) Camera, Network Secured Backup Appliance etc.


DocExpress, Hard Disk Drives

Company: NEW IMAGE CO., LTD.

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