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Long Shenq Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 and specialized in manufacturing AC inverter with excellent quality and enjoying high reputation in international market. We have a series of space vector inverter from 8 bit to 16 bit with complete specifications and models, with very strong function and easy operation, small size...etc. features for industry needed. Thus, it is very wide popular on markets.

Long Shenq Electronic Co., Ltd. has very excellent development capability. Except for current general type inverter, we have successful developed build-in inverter, motor type inverter (installed inverter to motor), it is specialized inverter for separate type air conditioner and for sporting equipment. All these models, we are mass producing and receiving order from customers. Also, we have made these inverters for famous companies by OEM cooperation.

Except for inverter endeavor, we are outstanding in relative equipment. For example, 220v and 380v/440v specialized braking unit. It is best selection for inverter expert. Also, it is indicated by many Japan brands to use.

Long Shenq Electronic Co., Ltd. is leading specialized inverter factory in Taiwan with very strong in developing and manufacturing. Also, we are a diversified and flexible factory. Also, we are the only one factory in Asia to accept any specification order. Which is other factories can not compete.

Your selection of Long Shenq products will bring you bright business future and create your outstanding.


AC Inverter, Inverters, AC Drive, Frequency Inverters, AC Motor Speed Controller, Servo Drive, Braking Unit, EMC Filter, Operate Keypad With Exterior Cable, AC Input Reactor, AC Output Reactor, Series-Brake Resistors


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