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Who is Chiefwell ?
Chiefwell is a Professional Designer and Manufacturer for Thermo-bonding Calender、Thermo-finishing Calender、PP Thin Film Extrusion Line For Plastic.

We are an application engineering company and have very strong technology background with more than 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality rolls, precision calenders and complete line.

It is believed that 『roll is the heart of calender, calender is the heart of complete line』, our roll surface uses high temperature resistant alloy steel which it is the product we have spent 20 years on researching/ designing/ manufacturing. We are proud to say that the quality of our rolls/calenders are as good as the one made in Germany/ Japan/ USA.

Some customers have purchased our calenders almost 10 years ago and now they are still working very well, no maintenance is needed.

So far our High-quality Rolls and Precision Calenders are successful for the following fields :
1) 2-Roll Thermo-bonding Calender For 「Non-woven」
2) 3-Roll Thermo-finishing Calender For 「Non-woven」
3) 2-Roll / 3-Roll Thermo-finishing Calender For 「Fabric」
4) Thermo-finishing Calender for 「Printed Label」
5) 3-Roll Calender For 「Plastic Film」 & 「Extrusion Line」

Our advantage:
Computer-calculated roll structure strength and roll temperature analysis
Roll roundness, straightness and concentricity = 0.01 mm
Roll surface temperature tolerance = ± 1℃
Roll surface use Bi-metallic harden alloy steel
- Hardness = HRC 50 ± 2
- High temperature resistant alloy
Roll surface roughness = 0.010 RA
Roll linear pressure = 100 ~ 1000 kg/cm


3-Roll Thermo-finishing Calender for Non-Woven (Gloss / Glazing / Density), 2-Roll Thermo-bonding Calender for Non-woven (Point Bonding), 2-Roll Thermal-finishing Calender for Printed Label, 0.05 mm PP Thin Film Extrusion Line For Plastic (Calender Casting)


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