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Since 1973, RUCA GROUP had been growing and prospering by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the valuable efforts & support of our great teams, customers, friends and stock holders. We have successfully developed the diverse industries which including notably professional hardware, knock-down furniture. Via the major operating centers and near hundred of sales agent, RUCA products are marketing all over the world.

In face of the rapid transformation in the future and the needs of internationalization, we will throughly enforce ISO 9002 quality system to carry out the internationalization strategies to meet the greater challenges with firm determination.

Continuous support, advice and comments are indispensable, cordially invited and shall be very much appreciated by all of RUCA members.


Furniture Hardware and Part, Ruca, Kolo, Furniture Fitting, Furniture, Network, Technology, ERP, Soft, Intranet, Furniture Hardware and Parts, Slience hinge, Damping system, Damper, Slow motion, Drawer slide, Ball bearing slide, Soft closing slide, Hydraulic cushion, Silence Hinge, Handles and Other Hardware Accessories

Company: RUCA CORP.

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