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Par30 12W植物生长灯
Par30 12W植物生长灯

产品型号:LF-GL-B-12W 原产地:台湾 材质:Al


E27 PAR30 12W LED Grow Light Bulb
Energy efficient LED PAR30 series can easily plug into traditional PAR fixtures with E27 socket at full range working voltage.
Provide ideal lighting wavelength for photosynthesis to allow optimal plant growth. Red and Blue light wavelength combination prove to be multiple times more efficient than traditional white plant lighting.
Our unique design incorporate USA CREE high power LED (Red, Blue) lighting source, optical lens, and our most efficient thermal heat sink shell.
PAR30 series can be used for lighting applications in plant winter seeding or growth light. Replacing CFL or HID plant lights.
Provide lighting at reduced energy cost.

Model No: LF-GLB-12
Power Consumption: 12W
LED Flux (lm): 919lm
Wavelength: Red 620~635nm
Blue 460~470nm
Input Voltage: 90~240VAC
Beam Angle: 130゚
Socket Base: E27
Energy Savings: 90%
Lifetime: +20000Hrs
Weight / Dimension: 160g L-12.5cm W-9.8cm
Water Proof: Indoor (no direct water contact)
Illuminance(lux): 1m-160/2m-40

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