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Power inverters
Power inverters

产品型号:150S-12A/E, 150S-24A/E 原产地:台湾


150S-12A/E, 150S-24A/E Power Inverter with Pure Sine wave Output Wave Form and <3% Total Harmonic Distortion

Rated input voltage:
.150S-12A/E: 12V DC
.150S-24A/E: 24V DC

Output power:
Continuous: 1,500W
15 minutes: 1,800W
Surge: 3,000W

Maximum input current:
.150S-12A/E: 200A
.150S-24A/E: 100A

Output voltage: 115V AC ± 3%, 230V AC ± 3%
Output frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz to be specified
Output wave form: pure sine wave
Total harmonic distortion: <3%
Idle current 115V AC:
150S-12A: <1A
150S-24A: <0.6A

Consumption 230V AC:
150S-12E: <1.6A
150S-24E: <1A

Input voltage range:
150S-12A/E: 10.7V to 16,5V
150S-24A/E: 21.4V to 33V

Low voltage alarm:
150S-12A/E: 10.7V
150S-24A/E: 21.4V

Low voltage shutdown:
150S-12A/E: 10V
150S-24A/E: 20V

Efficiency: up to 85%
Dimensions: 415 x 283 x 100mm
Weight: 5.75kg
Option remote control: yes
Option GFCI: yes

Home electronics, office equipment, small tools and appliances
Battery chargers for camcorders, laptop computers, cellular phones and power tools
Ideal for camping, boating, caravans, mobile office, field work, emergency power and many other uses
Over 600W effect in high motor starting surge and can be used for hand tools, small refrigerators and most oxygen concentrators

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