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CompactPCI 2U Chassis
CompactPCI 2U Chassis



2U CompactPCI Platforms, with 6U 4slots backplane, cPCI or ATX power supplies.

Enclosure Material: aluminum with black painted for lighter weight and increased EMC/EMI protection.) Dimensions: 2U (H) x 84T (W) x 285 mm (D) Front cage: 4-slot, 6U x 160mm Rear I/O: 4-slot, 6U x 80mm Backplane 6U 4 slots. PICMG2.0R3.0 or PICMG2.16 compliance. cPCI Power supplies Power supply: 250W/ 300W cPCI type 47pin sockets for 2 cPCI power supplies ATX power supplies 250W

Main Products:
4U 21-slot, CompactPCI 2U chassis, CompactPCI 4U chassis, CompactPCI ejector handles, 9U CompactPCI Chassis, 3U, 4U, 6U, 9U subrack, CompactPCI front panels, Ejector handles, VME Front panels, VME ejector handles, VME PCB holder

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