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Saw Blade Grinding Machine
Saw Blade Grinding Machine

产品型号:SG-1 原产地:台湾


Instruction / Model: SG-1
Saw blade diameter: Ø50 ~ Ø450 mm
Pitch range: Max. 25 mm
Depth of teeth: Max. 8 mm
Range of cutting angle: -5 ° ~ 30 °
Feeding speed: 45 ~ 180 teeth/minute
Thickness of saw blade: Max. 8 mm
Grinding wheel diameter: Ø75 ~ Ø150 mm
Wheel inner diameter: Ø25 mm
Grinding wheel speed: 4200 rpm
Grinding wheel motor: 0.55 kw 2p
Driving motor: 0.37 kw 2p / 4p
Dust suction motor: 0.37 kw 2p (optional acc.)
Net weight: 130 kgs
Gross weight of packing: 180 kgs
Packing size (W x H x D): 970 x 1460 x 870 mm

* The specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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