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Oversized Boot Cuffs and Leg Iron
Oversized Boot Cuffs and Leg Iron Hot

产品型号:PP0501-010 材质:SPHC High Tensile Carbon Steel 颜色:Final detail to be provided on formal quotation sheet



Double Locking Mechanism
29 Locking Positions, 2 keys included
Mechanical Strength: Withstand tensile force of 150 kgs


Mould is designed with high accuracy and strong construction
Made in Taiwan with good material and durable quality
Optional: own branding and packaging available


Weight : 810 grams (excluding keys)
Overall Length : 670mm
Material : SPHC High Tensile Carbon Steel
Raised rivets : Nickel Plated
Thickness : Cheek Plates / 3.5 mm, Ratchet / 4mm
Chains : Length / 38cm, Chain Dia. / 4.0mm
Minimum Opening : 9.5cm
Minimum Inside Perimeter : 28.4cm
Maximum Inside Perimeter : 38.4cm

Oversized Boot Cuffs and Leg Iron
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