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90 Degree Free-Angle Fluid Extractor
90 Degree Free-Angle Fluid Extractor Hot

产品型号:HT1206-018 原产地:台湾 材质:Body: Plastic, Tube : Nylon, Handle : PP 颜色:Final detail to be provided on formal quotation sheet



Specially-designed limitation-free 90 degree operation
Perfect for all motor vehicles, engine and industrial machinery use
With Tubing Holder to store tubes easily and efficiently


AC/DC power is not required
Prevent oil leaks from the tank with fully automatic mechanism device
Manufactured in Taiwan to ensure excellence and durable quality


Packaged Weight : 6 lbs (2.7kgs)
Size : 25 1/2”H * 7 1/4”W
Includes : 3 tubes
Liters : 6.5
US liquid gallon : 1.72
US liquid quart : 6.87
IMPERIAL gallon : 1.43
IMPERIAL quart : 5.72
Max. Operating Temperature : 100℃

90 Degree Free-Angle Fluid Extractor
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