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Clean hand washer, sterilizer & dryer
Clean hand washer, sterilizer & dryer



Clean shoes sole washing device and Clean hand washer,sterilizer & dryer


Hand Washer provides the most effective way of decontaminating the pollutants on the hands of the workers entering the critical clean areas.

Utilizing touch less reflective infrared sensor, Hand Washer leads workers through complete hand sanitation process, including sanitizer dispensation, tempered water, and instantly heated warm air drying . moreover, the warm air is filtrated by HEPA filter with filtration efficiency at 99.99%,0.3um.

Hand Washers come standard with an emergency stop button and water only override button.

The unique hand wash timer and wash timing light monitor the duration of hand washing by using the prominently displaying instructions for workers to follow.

(Optional Accessories) Illuminated and flashing warning light reminds you of low sanitizer fluid levels.

Clean hand washer, sterilizer & dryer
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