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Clean Anti-Cross infection Shield FFU

Clean Anti-Cross infection Shield FFU



Such a FFU shield can be used to meet the requirements of the negative pressure chairs in outpatient department of a hospital or a clinic. And it is used to protect those patients, who wait to see the doctor, from being cross-infected.

It has a very wide variety of applications, such as to be either mono-piece used or multi-pieces combination use to the homes or the office places, being used as an air purification equipment to carry the functions of killing bacteria, odor removal, averting gnats and mosquitoes from infesting, and driving out the mice, etc.

■Features Advanced patent technology of DEVISER product

(1)Super Mini Horizontal Laminar Flow Fan Fiter Unit.

(2)Multi Mediators Internal Air Box Continuous Sterilization Unit.

Smog Test For Horizontal Laminar Flow Air Stream.

A Guardian Angel \ Clean , Anti-Cross Infection Shield F F U would offers the most effective Solution to remove airborne pollution and V O C ‘ s . It produces a super clean environment and virtually promotes indoor air quality < I A Q > .

High - Tech . Horizontal Laminar Flow Super Mini Fan Filter System with Electronic Controls & the replacement Filters of H E P A & U L P A as well . Also , with the C E , I V D D and I E C of Authentication . So , Programmable Control face panel provides convenient & easy usage .

Clean Anti-Cross infection Shield FFU
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