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8” Angled Multi-Purpose Shears
8” Angled Multi-Purpose Shears Hot

产品型号:GN0504-102 原产地:台湾 材质:Blade: Made of 4mm SUS 420J2 stainless steel 颜色:Final detail to be provided on formal quotation sheet



Angled blades of 8" Angled Multi-Purpose Shears to allow cutting on flat surface easily and reduce fatigue
Human-centered design with adjustable dual-size handles
Adjustable handle width from 82mm to 102mm
Gripping soft metal wire with 2.5mm cutting notch
Suitable for diverse purposes ranging from heavy duty work to household work


Ideal design of 8" Angled Multi-Purpose Shears for various materials like leather, iron sheet, rope, cloth, etc.
Serrated blade of edge for gripping smooth materials easily
To cut thicker material, the thickness of blades increasing to 4mm
High quality stainless steel from Japan and manufactured in Taiwan
All OEM / ODM welcome


Full length: 200mm (8")
Cutting capacity: Cuts up to 50mm (2")
Material of handle: PP and TPR over molded
Material of cutting blade: Made of 4mm SUS 420J2 stainless steel
Cutting edge hardness: HRC 50-54
Bolt: Made of JIS SCM 435 alloy steel security bolt (class 10.9)
(1) Double blister: 6pcs/inner box, 48pcs/CTN, 11/12KGS, 1.6Cuft
(2) Slide blister: 6pcs/inner box, 48pcs/CTN, 12/13KGS, 1.68Cuft
(3) Bulk: 10pcs/inner box, 120pcs/CTN, 11/12KGS, 0.83Cuft

8” Angled Multi-Purpose Shears
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