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Main Features:
1. Rust Resistant: Will not rust steel, aluminum or aluminum alloy rims of tubeless tires or corrode the tires.
2. Tire Bursting Resistant: Contains special chemicals to effectively help the tire disperse heat, reduce the frequency of tire bursting by over 80%.
3. Sealing Inner Tube: A type products are especially suitable for repairing leaks in inner tube, and will not cause the inner tube and the tire to adhere to each other or corrode them.
4. Sealing: Can seal punctures up to 6.8mm in tubeless tire or tube-type tire.
5. Wide Application: Works well between -10C to 90C; Nontoxic, noninflammable, and involatile.
6. Long Lasting: The expiry day is 24month; Infuse specified capacity one time can seal over 50 times; Reducing inflation frequency by 50%.

公司名称: 浙江省甯海县鼎程胶粘剂有限公司