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Jenn Weir Co., Ltd established in 1973 which is specializing in production of all kinds of
precision bearings including mainly thrust needle roller bearing, self-lubricating bearing, ball
bearing unit, ball bearing and one way needle roller bearing. At presently the company
products the every kinds of bearing in designing style of self-researching in order to match up
with the demand completely for the customers, therefore we can build up the great fame and be
trusted by the customers.

For looking forward to keep the high quality produce stable going, raising the produce highly,
reducing the cost down and make sure the dateline to deliver goods, Jenn Weir Co., Ltd invests
a deal of capital and time to develop using the new style of machine facilities in order to make
the production better, fast the produce, let every customer feels that it's a guaranty of quality
and fame by " Jenn Weir ", and also achieve to share benefits with the customers and the aim
of managing forever.


引擎系统, 水泵, 凸轮轴, 后轴总成, 传动系统零件, 引擎汽门

公司名称: 贞维有限公司