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CHASE is a specialized manufacturer of suspension parts. Such as BALL JOINT, TIE ROD END, CROSS ROD, STABLIZER LINKAGE, RACK END, DRAG LINKAGE, PITMAN ARM, SHAFIT KIT, IDLER ARM...etc. with complete range of cars, forklift, light trucks, and heavy trucks. You can say CHASE is No. 1 for heavy trucks parts in Taiwan. The best quality parts with competitive prices can satisfy all our customers in the world. Meanwhile, CHASE always cooperates with customers to maintain their benefits in the market. You can count on CHASE as the best partner in the business.


转向系统零件, 转向拉杆, 横拉杆, 转向机拉杆球头总成, 方向机内拉杆球头总成, 方向机副轴/惰臂

公司名称: 泳强实业有限公司