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TAIWAN POWAVE CAR ACCESSORIES CO.,LTD Established in Republic Of China in63(1974), Because Extending To Produce To Operate The Scale,Built Three Business Enterpises,Guanzhou Wiper Factory in 1987.we Also Built A Show Center in Guangzhou City.We Adopt Harmony Of Process And Up-to-date Facilities Lead To Supereme Quality Goods.
We Aim At”customers Are Prime And Quality Comes First”.Our
Production Won A Predominant Place At Many Countries For Noveity Design,Good Quality And Competitive Price.


雨刷, 雨刷臂, 挡风玻璃清洗器组件, 头灯, 尾灯, 方向灯, 雾灯, 车内灯, 第三刹车灯, 灯泡, 装饰灯, 其他外装配件

公司名称: 百维汽车用品有限公司