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Quality, Service and innovation are goals and self-demand of Asian First Refrigeration Corporation for the past 20 years. We pride ourselves in bringing the best products to our customers that we set strict rules in quality control and services. We have also invested a lot of money into product improvements to develop the best and user-friendly products for our customers. Also it is the reason that our company has grown steadily under the challenge of all the competition.

We have wide selections, of products in Refrigeration, Automotive and hand tools and many more; all these products are the results of hard work of the past 20 years. We have customers all over the world that support our grownth. The supports and fatth of our customers are the reasons we keep pushing ourselves to be our best.


棘轮套筒扳手, 凡而钳, 手工具板手, 弯管器, 切管器, 扩管器, 涨管器, 拔轮器, 检测仪器, 冷冻冷气表组, 冷冻冷气维修工具, 五金工具, 汽修测试工具,

公司名称: 中大冷冻材料股份有限公司