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FEMO ENTERPRISE CO., LTD has been exported and manufactured the components of ATV, motorcycle and automotive engines since 1985.

The company's products, include BearingWorx, pistons, liner kits, rings, gaskets, oil seals, motocross bearings kit, chain, sprocket, timing components, cranks/ camshafts, oil / water pump assembly, brake drums/ discs/ brake hydraulic repair kits, brake lining pads, and clutch facings with asbestos or non-asbestos material. Most of these engine spare parts carry ISO quality approval.

During its 28 years of experience, FEMO has developed a comprehensive range of products to meet customer demand, and we promise, that our competitive prices and prompt delivery with quality assured.

In addition the company always welcomes customers' new items for exclusive development.


引擎零件, 变速齿轮零件, 离合器, 离合器零件, 时规链条, 皮带轮, 轴承, 导轨链轮/齿轮, 皮带自动张紧器(张带轮), 传动带张紧装置, 正时链条/正时皮带张力器, 时规组件维修包, 时规带修理包, 时规盖垫片, 油封, 车轮轴承配件包/修理包, 后叉防尘盖/封, 平垫圈, 链条


公司成立年: 1985
外销比例: 100%
公司名称: 史百固企业有限公司