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Glorytech Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, is located at the Shuang Lien Science Park, Taoyuan, Taiwan.
Dedicated in fuses field, Glorytech is most famous for its Ez ( Easy ) fuse, Holder fuse and Indicating auto fuse
technologies, and it is one of the major circuit protection component suppliers in Taiwan.
Glorytech provides Ez ( Easy ) fuse, Holder fuse and Indicating auto fuse products. With its wholly owned
manufacturing line, Glorytech has flexible manufacturing capability and good size of production capacity.
From the element processing to patent fuse assembly, Glorytech commits to fulfill every valuable demand
from customers. About the key technologies, the main research and experience for fuses design, device
manufacturing process, performance characterization, packaging and reliability testing are mature and
already has became a real practice for every product release. We believe that the firm research and development
capability makes Glorytech, an ISO 9001:2000 certificated company, to be the market leader in the fuse business.



公司名称: 耀钦科技股份有限公司