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Our company was founded in 1985 and engaged in materials for interior fittings and manufacturer of quality office furniture.

We re-organized and changed company name to be “Leader Office Furniture Co., Ltd” since 1996. We offer wide range of well designed, multi-functional and quality office furniture such as office desk, mobile pedestal, partition panel, lateral file etc. we specialize in various metal components: table leg, telescopic beam, corner leg etc. our products are in mid. And mid. High levels to meet customer’s requirements.

Our customers spread all over the world in UK, Italy, Australia, Dominican Rep, El Salvador, U.A.E., Singapore and Hong Kong etc. we do business with most of our customers on basis of exclusive agent, OEM and ODM.

We have R&D team to develop and upgrade our standard ranges and approved by S.G.S. test to get quality certificate and patent rights.

We take part in furniture fairs in Europe every year to present our new, improved and further developed products, innovative concepts at the important international platforms of the supplying industry for office furniture.

OEM and ODM are welcome.


LOOP 连结办公桌 & 桌上型屏风, A6 L形办公桌脚, VEGA办公桌脚系列, X5办公桌脚系列, LA办公桌脚系列, ZK办公桌脚系列, LV办公桌脚系列, LE办公桌脚系列, LB办公桌脚系列, LAR升降办公桌脚系列

公司名称: 立基贸易有限公司