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Brief Introduction of the Company

Ever since it was established, Chi Shuen Sing Co., Ltd. has been providing excellent vehicle maintenance machines, tools, instruments and industrial testing instruments to customers. Based on professional service spirit and attitude, Chi Shuen Sing will satisfy your demand for purchasing complete equipments in one time, and save your time in purchasing, to create the maximum benefits for both the selling and buying party. Staff of our company all own experience of several years, and guarantee to provide you with the most professional service.

Basic information of the company

Establishment year : 2001

Business status: import and export trader. Represent many major brand vehicle maintenance factory equipments in Japan, Europe and USA, including distribution and wholesales, and also sells excellent products in this line of industry made in Taiwan to international market.


千斤顶, 手动工具, 汽、机车补胎组, 汽车修理工具, 车胎冷补片, 胎压计, 气动工具, 补胎胶

公司名称: 启顺兴股份有限公司