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IAO IN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD is a Taiwan based supplier of Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seals, Cylinder Seal Kits, O-rings, Intensive Rubber, and Polyurethane Products. Over the years, IAO has established a firm relationship with other major manufacturers, so aggressive service of new products and prompt delivery are what we can accurately provide.

IAO IN has 10 years experience as a manufacturer specializing in custom made products. Your queries will be answered by our Sales, Technical, and Shipping teams within a day, all answers may not be positive, but definitely will be a clear response to establish a time line for product delivery.

IAO IN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD is looking forward to working with you and supplying quality ODM products, excellent service, and product research for its partners needs worldwide.


油封, 迫紧, 空油压密封件, O型环, 建设机械零配件, 工业机械零配件, 橡胶制品, 塑胶制品

公司名称: 耀英实业股份有限公司